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The first handcrafted, artisan rum distillery on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.


The Crab Island Rum History

The project to develop Crab Island Rum began in 2010 with research and studies on the rum-making process. In June 2013, a group of 5 people, including Iván Torres, the owner, decided to shape the project by creating a business plan and founding the corporation Laboratorio Clandestino Viequense.

With a passion for traditional elaboration and local ingredients, Iván strove to create a unique and authentic rum that captured the history and essence of the island, of which rum has been an important part since its origins. In 2019 he opens to the public the first artisan rum distillery in Vieques, Puerto Rico: Crab Island, located in the old pump park used by the Vieques navy.

With a social commitment as a company, we contribute to sustainable agriculture and constantly work to reduce environmental impact through energy and water efficient practices. In addition, it contributes to the economic development of the community through job creation and support for local producers and farmers.

Currently, we offer 4 products that reflect dedication, quality and authenticity. The Orange Infusion Rum is infused with island citrus for a fresh, fruity flavor, while the Coffee Infusion combines the sweetness of sugarcane with the acidity and aroma of coffee. In addition, we offer our Classic Rum and our 3 Year Old Rum, which has been matured in bourbon barrels for an even richer, more complex flavor.


How is Crab Island Rum produced?

At the distillery, 100% of the rum is produced from the fermentation process to bottling. Managing to bring each in each bottle a rum that contains the best ingredients and without using imported alcohols or fruit concentrates.

Crab Island’s base is sugar cane molasses, which is diluted with water and fermented with the addition of yeast. After a week, the liquid with an alcohol content of 8% is boiled in a still. The alembic is a tool that boils the must and allows the separation of vapors in a closed environment. The alcohol content of the fermenter is separated from the rest of the must when heated, it is directed to an area where the temperature is low and the alcohol vapor condenses and becomes liquid again, that is where the rum is obtained, then it will be aged in barrels or used to create liqueurs.

the beginning

Made with passion. Using the best ingredients.

set of mind

Our Mission

Create unique and authentic artisanal rums that fully reflect the Puerto Rican essence, using sustainably grown local ingredients and traditional manufacturing techniques. Offering a unique experience through tastings and visits to The Distillery.

going forward

Our Vision

Become a reference distillery in Puerto Rico and in the world, connecting with our history and culture through our brand and products, spreading the tradition of rum in the world.

Our Values


Constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and processes


We use traditional ingredients and techniques to create a unique and authentic rum.


We respect the environment and provide sustainable development.


We are proud to be part of the Vieques community and we work to contribute to its development.


We are committed to delivering high-quality, consistent products.


We remain faithful to our principles and values in all the decisions we make.


Our goal is to create rums that taste delicious and are enjoyed at any time.


We seek to provide a unique and memorable experience for all of our clients.

  • Great place where the locals hang out. Check for live island music on Saturdays, super fun. They make excellent cocktails and have cool merchandise for sale.

    Manny Kardaras Avatar Manny Kardaras
    June 11, 2024

    We went to the distillery after the beach and had a few drinks. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

    Edmund Beaulieu Avatar Edmund Beaulieu
    June 7, 2024

    Josh Spier Avatar Josh Spier
    June 2, 2024

    Maverick Garcia Avatar Maverick Garcia
    May 22, 2024
  • One of the best runes on the island

    Juan C Gonzalez Avatar Juan C Gonzalez
    May 20, 2024

    My family and I was just there and took a trip to the distillery. The people at the bar were amazing and definitely brought a great vibe to the experience!! I purchased a couple bottles of rum and got home and tried it and now I was wondering how can I get some more?? I was gonna buy online but didn’t see a way to do that. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it and again we had a wonderful experience. Staff was top notch

    Boyd Clark Avatar Boyd Clark
    May 18, 2024

    Yummy passion fruit mojitos! HH $7 each Open air bar concept with a kiosk next door to order food. Owner was very nice and fun to talk to! A woman sells beautiful homemade jewelry and dried flowers/herbs( for teas/cooking). A must do!

    Anje Vogt Avatar Anje Vogt
    May 12, 2024

    Friendly and has good food, drinks, and area

    Duncan Gates Avatar Duncan Gates
    May 3, 2024
  • Awesome little place. Great drinks. Definitely a must of you are in Vieques

    Anissa Casey Avatar Anissa Casey
    May 2, 2024

    J Guadalupe Flores Avalos Avatar J Guadalupe Flores Avalos
    April 28, 2024

    Dodge Mohamed Avatar Dodge Mohamed
    April 25, 2024

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