IndieGoGo pitch video for “Charge the Crab” 2016 (subtitles)

My goal is to be proud of being different

This was the video we used in a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 to get electricity installed into our new Vieques rum distillery. Look how far we’ve come!

The lack of infrastructure of water and electricity on Vieques island is a well-known problem. Our building itself, a former US Navy Fire Station, provides awesome structure but there is no easy access to water and electricity.

The closest connection for the electric is six poles away. And for the water is about 750 feet away. So far we have carried the water by truck and provide electricity using a small generator.

To make this distillery happen we need to have the electricity. In the last couple of months we review all the alternatives for energy and connecting to Electric company line is the most affordable.

Our ultimate goal is to be as energy efficient we can and switch to renewable energy sources.