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Laboratorio Clandestino Viequense is the result of the dream of a young entrepreneurial Viequense who has a passion for making the highest quality rum.

The distillery is located on the Island municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico
and produces premium craft rum and flavored spirits in small batches.

We will establish our brand and reputation based on a product high in quality and made from natural ingredients. With the growth of our reputation we also expect a growth in sales each year both in our retail store, located at the Visitors’ Center in the distillery and at the retailers around the Island of Vieques, then on to Puerto Rico, then the world!

The rums produced in this distillery expand the gastronomic options in the island and will connect visitors with its culture and the Viequense people.

The industry of craft distilling will be a reinvigorating force in furthering the reputation of Puerto Rico as the rum capital of the world.


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